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A Message From Rahu

By Michael Laughrin,

[As you may know, I can talk to the planets and other celestial bodies. Rahu wants me to give you this message. - Michael]

Rahu says:

I am the stuff that dreams are made of. I am the impulse to find a new world, to wander, to be more, to become more, to break out of the mold that society or parents or tradition would put me in.

I am ephemeral. I cannot be seen--therefore, I rule cyberspace. I cannot be seen, but my effects can be seen: eclipses. I am the wild card, the joker who would become King. I care not for the past or beaten paths or the way things should be done. I make my own traditions. I cut my own path through the forest, the jungle--even through Life itself.

In the low thinkers, I am the criminal, the con artist, the fast-talking trickster. Without me there would be no meaningful scientific research, no modern art, no jazz, no rock-and-roll, no twelve-tone music.

I am space.

One could say that life is a continuum between the past (Jupiter) and the future (Rahu). If there is too much past, society is stagnant. If there is too much future, neurosis emerges: the very fabric of society is ripped asunder. The old view of Indian astrology does not have much good to say about me. That is because their society is traditional and bound to the past. I really come into my own energy in the New World--in countries like the USA.

I am desire. I give the entrepreneur the desire and the ability to create something out of nothing. Modern transportation and lightning-quick communications are mine. Yes, I am ephemeral, but isn't life itself ephemeral?

I am that Divine discontent that causes one to do more, to seek new means of expression.

I am the engine of Progress that goes boldly forward into unknown regions. Indeed, I am those unknown regions themselves. Therefore, I rule Maya (Illusion) but I also rule the deep, truth-seeking mind that cuts through the crap to grab hold of the diamond truth lying unexpectedly in the mud.

I am movement. I cannot bear to stand still for long. I do not like to stay in one place, to keep with one mindset, to maintain the same Weltanschauung. I am the frontiersman, the pioneer, the explorer, the conqueror. Do not expect me to be polite, clean-shaven, nice-smelling. I am rough, tough, ornery, and wild. If you invite me to your oh-so-nice salons, expect the rugs to get dirty, the punch to be spilled, and the furniture to get scuffed or even knocked over!

Either get with me or try to hide from me. But you cannot ignore me.

I am the wild side, the Shadow self, the opening of Pandora's box. I am the principle of All Possibilities, with or without Enlightenment.

I am Mighty Rahu!

Om shri Rahave namaha.

(c) copyright 2005 Michael Laughrin.

From the March, 2005 issue of Michael Laughrin's North American Jyotish Newsletter. Click to subscribe to this free Jyotish newsletter.

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