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Yagyas Offered by Michael Laughrin

Michael Laughrin offers access to yagyas to help alleviate life problems and/or problems seen in the Jyotish chart (Vedic Astrology chart). Yagyas are an age-old remedial measure from India. Yagyas are designed to improve one's:

  • luck
  • happiness
  • health
  • wealth
  • general success

Ganesh Yagya photoYagyas are the use of specific mantras offered in specific ways at specific times and places to change the direction of ones' unfolding karmic pattern. We have found them to work wonderfully well most of the time.*

Michael uses the finest south Indian traditional pundits. He offers two different types of yagyas: Continuing Yagyas and Individual Custom-Crafted Yagyas.

The Continuing Yagyas are the basis of everything Michael offers. They are a far better value. In general, if you must choose between the Continuing Yagyas and an Individual Custom-Crafted Yagya, get the Continuing Yagyas.

For more information about yagyas, call (440) 582-9848. Email inquiries are not accepted.

Continuing Yagyas

Continuing yagyas are offered in two-month blocks. These yagyas/pujas are performed at a very important South Indian Mother Divine Temple. This temple is exceedingly famous for "miracle" cures of physical ailments and getting rid of curses. Each two-month block has a special focus, such as wealth, perfect health, nine planet propitiation, maximizing Mother Divine energy, etc. These ceremonies are done:

  • daily Shri Vidya puja, 3-4 hours, the most powerful form of Mother Divine Worship, and
  • weekly yagyas to Ganesh, Shiva, the 9 planets and others, and
  • all major and many minor Indian religious festivals, and
  • co-sponsorship for all temple-sponsored yagyas and pujas

This continuing yagya program is a group program. That is the only way we can offer this profound blessing so inexpensively. Cost: $351 for two months. If you are interested, please call Michael at (440) 582-9848.

This Continuing Yagya program is complete on its own. However, some may benefit even more from individual custom-crafted yagyas, below.

Individual Custom-Crafted Yagyas

Large individual custom-crafted yagyas for your specific needs: perfect health, prosperity, victory/getting anything you want, peace of mind, clarity of thought, getting rid of ancient bad karmas, individual planetary yagyas and more.

Concerning planetary yagyas, generally, each substantial planetary yagya is done at a temple dedicated to that planet - i.e., Jupiter yagya will done at a Jupiter temple on a Thursday; Saturn at a Saturn Yagya on a Saturday; this will give more "juice" to the yagya. Many, many of our clients have had very wonderful results with both the continuing yagya program and the individual custom yagyas. Please call Michael for further information. If you are interested, please call Michael at (440) 582-9848. No email inquiries about the Yagyas please.

Ganesh yagya with elephant photo Festival of Lights yagya photo Lakshmi Kubera yagya photo Full Moon Yagya photo Murugan Yagya Photo
Ganesh Yagya+ Festival of Lights Lakshmi Kubera Full Moon Yagya Murugan Yagya

+ Not all Ganesh Yagyas include a live elephant.

Daily japa (chanting): We also offer a program of daily chanting for your karmic needs. Sometimes a big yagya is too powerful and we prefer this softer approach: namely, having one or two pundits chant certain mantras on your behalf each day for one day, one month or more. The daily chanting (japa) is offered by priests in the United States and in India. Naturally, it's cheaper when done in India. For example

  • A client was exceedingly stressed, beyond imagination. Michael ordered one day of Gayatri mantra (cooling, soothing effect) done for her, and it calmed her down immediately, to a great extent.
  • Many business people have had daily chanting done for important business meetings, and usually they get what they want from these meetings.
  • Michael Laughrin had a very serious health challenge while out of town last year. He asked pundit to do some chanting for him that day. The pundit started immediately and he felt a huge improvement in his health within five minutes. "The seemingly insurmountable health crisis dissolved like sugar in water."

Chakra Readings

The Chakras

In the last few years, Michael cultivated the ability to examine chakras from a distance. Chakras are the energy centers in the body. People have seven chakras (see picture). The condition of these chakras are directly linked to the person's state of health and well-being.

Current yagya clients are eligible for an occasional Chakra Reading at no extra charge. Chakra Readings are not available separately.


Phone: (440) 582-9848

* There are no guarantees as to the effects of yagyas.