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A Message From Jupiter

By Michael Laughrin (

[As you may know, I can talk to the planets and other celestial bodies. Jupiter wants me to give you this message. - Michael]

Jupiter says:

I would be a god. I am the divinity in you. Therefore I am the healer, the Lawgiver, the man of learning, the teacher -- the Priest. Without me you are an animal -- and not a very clever animal at that. Other animals see more, hear more, run faster or have a better sense of smell.

I am wisdom. I cause you to save money, and to invest wisely. Ultimately the best investment is good children; therefore I rule children. One's own education is the best personal (not family or societal) investment. I rule higher education. Without me, Mercury is merely clever but is also shallow. Mercury likes the play too much. He would spend it all now. The things that I give last a very long time -- some even last forever: children, soul development, growth of consciousness toward Enlightenment, wealth that lasts for generations, deep Soul skills whose essence lasts from lifetime to lifetime, purchases that have lasting value. Mercury rules fun, I rule depth and wisdom and divinity.

I walk with the Devas, talk with the Devas, I am with the Devas. I would become a Deva. It is said that an Enlightened person is higher than the angels. Anything that gives that feeling of Divinity I am. Eternal Love -- I am That. Perfect knowledge -- I am That. Healing -- I am That. The Guru -- I am He (or She). Of course I rule meditation because meditation gives Yoga (union) with the Absolute unbounded Reality which, ultimately, is all there Is. Some come to Me (the god within) through prayer. I am That. I am the Essence of the civilized, benevolent ways (acceptable to educated people) through which people experience Divinity: philosophy, wisdom, tradition, history, respect for and learning from elders, classical music, classical art, classical dance, classical poetry, classical Rhetoric. You see, the arts (normally ruled by Venus), when done in a classical context, are not so much about creating Beauty (although they do that also) but about refining the minds, hearts, souls and windows of Perception of the student. That sort of art is of My Essence.

I see the big picture. So does the Sun. But the difference between me and the Sun is that I am not interested in such worldly and low class things as power and Earthly rulership. They are a waste of time. Yes, I do rule Political Science but more the divine essence of Political Science as it relates to philosophy, religion and the Law. Something like the politics that Plato talked about.

I am the giver of Laws. Let the warriors enforce them.

The essence of Jupiter is what separates man from the apes and lets him walk with the angels.

If I have failings (Do I?) it is arrogance and laziness. I cannot be bothered with digging ditches or details. Therefore I rule the Brahmins, the men of wisdom, the scholars, the savants. I advise. I talk. I think. I plan. I let others act and fight and struggle.

Worship me. I am Divine Brihaspati.

Om shri Gurave Namaha.

(c) copyright 2005 Michael Laughrin.

From the January, 2005 issue of Michael Laughrin's North American Jyotish Newsletter. Click to subscribe to this free Jyotish newsletter.

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