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A Message From Ketu

By Michael Laughrin,

[As you may know, I can talk to the planets and other celestial bodies. Ketu wants me to give you this message. - Michael]

I break things up. I will tear you down. I spit on your middle class values. I embrace the hippies, the dropouts, the weird, the unwanted, the bums and especially those who have given up everything for God (or Enlightenment or the Absolute).

There is a hidden trick to me -- how to get the best out of my dasha, my transit or my strong placement in your chart. What I really want is your mind. Give it to me willingly and wholeheartedly and I will let you keep your Lexuses, your houses and your mutual funds. Ultimately they don't exist anyway. They are all Maya.

What is the short version of how to make friends with Ketu and receive the blessings of Ketu? Meditate. Every day, without fail.

However, I see that my simple message is falling on deaf ears. For those of you who are all entranced with the Relative, with Maya, your path is harder. Much, much harder. Whatever you are attached to, I will take away from you: job, money, health, relationship, houses, fame, glamour, reputation -- that is, until you call out for the Ultimate Truth of the Universe with all of your mind, heart and soul.

I am the wild card of Jyotish. You can depend on my being undependable. I will trick you in a harsh way. Jupiter teaches lovingly. I am sharp, harsh and even vicious if need be. I shock, hurt, kick. I often remove all of your psychological underpinnings until you fall so that I (or God or the guru) can catch you. I force you to transcend by whatever means necessary.

However, I also rule the celestial realms of light that are of the Essence of Heaven and heavenly states of consciousness. I am the psychic, the seer, the medium. I am the voice of the Divine from on high. In lower individuals, I am the psychotic, the black magician, the berserker. I am the force of Kundalini gone wild. I am the best friend of the true meditator, the Seeker after divine knowledge, the sadhu, the sannyasi. I give them their heart's desire (Liberation) or, at least, I give a healthy taste of it. The worldly man is more afraid of Me than he is of any other planet (as well he should be). But the spiritual man longs for my embrace.

Everyone who has left home or job or money or security for the Kingdom of God is blessed by me. But I generally do not give my Lights, my Blessings right away. I must test you first. I am very strong medicine indeed. Most of you could not handle my undistilled energy without going insane. Therefore I give most of you only a little at a time until you can take the straight stuff.

Do not mess with me. Material happiness means nothing to me. Even life means nothing to me. Moksha and ultimate Wisdom and true Knowledge mean everything to me. You must make a big bet when you bet on me. Bet all your possessions, your heart, your Soul and your Sanity and I will give you Spiritual and Material fulfillment beyond your wildest fantasies. But the giving up, the letting go must come first. Seek first the Eternal and you may gain it and the Relative to boot.

I am mighty Ketu. Even the Sun and Moon fear me. Kings avoid me. Queens do not want to hear my name. But, dear One, if you approach me humbly and sincerely for a long time, I will make you whole and protect you too.

Om shri Ketave namaha.

(c) copyright 2005 Michael Laughrin.

From the February, 2005 issue of Michael Laughrin's North American Jyotish Newsletter. Click to subscribe to this free Jyotish newsletter.

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