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Possible Remedies for Difficult Karma

Jyotish / Vedic Astrology is an excellent method for delineating one's Karmic pattern - the good times, the bad times, the lessons that need to be learned, etc. However, many people are not so happy with the bad times and would like to improve the bad times if possible. Michael's understanding is that you can improve your difficult karmas through various karmic remedies.

Important Notice: Do not attempt to undertake karmic remedies without consulting a competent Vedic astrologer, Hindu priest or guru (except charity, which is always good, but can be maximized by giving the right amount to the right charity).


Yagyas (ancient Vedic ceremonies) are among the strongest remedial measures. Yagyas should only be undertaken under the advisement or direction of a competent guru, Hindu priest or Vedic astrologer. Michael is in touch with certain great masters of yagyas, and many of his clients have had wonderful improvements in their lives (sometimes very suddenly) through these yagyas. Michael offers access to a yagya program. For further information on yagyas, mantras, and other methods to make your life better, please contact Michael directly by telephone at (440) 582-9848.


Fasting is an art and there are many other structures to fasting that are too intricate to go into here. No one should undertake fasting without medical clearance and specific instructions.

Here is an example of a fast directed to specific planets: Fast Sunday for the Sun, Monday for the Moon, Tuesday for Mars, Wednesday for Mercury, Thursday for Jupiter, Friday for Venus, or Saturday for Saturn and Rahu.


Mantras, generally, should only be used under the direction of a competent spiritual advisor or Vedic astrologer.

Please note that some mantras are very strong medicine indeed and should absolutely not be used by the general public. Do not pick a mantra out of a book and start using it. That is like going into a drug store and choosing a medicine at random. It's chancy at best, dangerous at worst.

However, there is a small number of widely known, "public" mantras that are generally safe for any adult. Phone Michael for details. And see Michael's article: Mantras for the Planets and More.


Charity is *always* a good thing. If you engage in enough charitable giving, you can probably offset almost any bad Karma seen in your chart (up to 20%-50% of your income).

However, there are ways to maximize your charitable giving, according to the Vedic tradition. If you want spiritual benefits, probably Thursday is the best day to donate. If you want to grow in power and status, Sunday is the best day to give money or articles away. If you want more love, and physical enjoyment and creativity, most likely Friday is the best day.

The Vedic tradition also delineates classes of people and classes of animals who are the ideal recipient of your charity. This maximizes the effects of your charitable giving.

Michael says "One oil brokerage company that I know gave a great deal of money to a specific charity, and required its brokers to give 50% of their earnings away. There was much success for all."


Gems can be powerful. Gems *do* work. However, gems are probably not as powerful as mantras and yagyas.

Michael has developed a cautious and conservative method for gem recommendations based on ancient Vedic knowledge. Many hundreds of clients have follow Michael's gem recommendations with great satisfaction. Michael warns that just because a gem is acceptable, it is not necessarily desirable. He tries to find the most desirable gems for you.

Ideally, if you are going to use a gem for Jyotish purposes, it should touch your skin for maximum effect. The gem should also be blessed, have a yagya, and be worn for the first time on a certain day. However, it will still have some karmic effect without this.

If you would like Michael to recommend a gem, contact

Please read Michael's articles about gems, Which Gem Should I Wear? and Safe Gems for Each Ascendant.

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