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A Message From the Sun

By Michael Laughrin,

[As you may know, I can talk to the planets and other celestial bodies. The Sun wants me to give you this message. - Michael]

I am the center of things, the essence, the fire, the Soul. In the body, I am the Soul; in the personality, I am the ego; in the family, the father; in the nation, the King; and on the job, I am the Boss.

I do not need the planets. They need me. I am very fond, however, of the [Earth's] Moon (for egotistical reasons) as her Light is really My Light. The Western astrologers are somewhat correct in doing Sun sign analysis as your truest nature is always reflected, in large part, through your Sun sign.

I rule passion (of the Mind or Soul -- not the body). You come to infinity through Me. I see with infinite eyes.

I am:
1. Heat
2. Life itself (more properly, the Life Force)
3. Light
4. Clarity
5. Power
6. Rulership
7. Government
8. Ambition
9. Divine obsession
10. Fire
11. The great eater (although not as great as Brahman itself)
12. The urge to succeed
13. Movement at its finest level
14. That which never dies in a person; the essence that lasts from lifetime to lifetime
15. Clairvoyance (indeed, I have a large role in all the siddhis [psychic powers])
16. Natural Law (along with Jupiter)
17. Self-confidence
18. Control
19. The impulse to lead
20. Ultimately, it is I who urge you to seek Enlightenment (I am Light itself)

You ignore me at your peril. I may lead you to wealth and power. I may lead you into the cave. But, if perfect mental, spiritual and emotional health is what you desire, you pretty much cannot go wrong by following *Me* because I am your best part.

I do not react to the world. The world reacts to me. Ultimately, *Soul Power* (Sun power) always wins the day (the year, the millennium).

Surrender unto Me, O ye people, and I will give you Light and ultimate Fulfillment.
Om sri suryaya namaha.

(c) copyright 2005 Michael Laughrin.

From the February, 2005 issue of Michael Laughrin's North American Jyotish Newsletter. Click to subscribe to this free Jyotish newsletter.

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