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Book Review of "Core Yogas" by Ernst Wilhelm

Review by Michael Laughrin,

When I first heard about "Vault of the Heavens," Ernst Wilhelm's first Jyotish book, I thought to myself "Oh, no, not another Vedic Astrology book for beginners. We have too many on the market as it is." But I was very pleasantly surprised that it was clear, useful, cogent and a very good learning tool for beginning Jyotishis.

Within the last year Mr. Wilhelm has come out with two new books - "Core Yogas" and "Muhurtha." ("Muhurtha" is not reviewed here.) Both are truly excellent.

I am entirely blown away by "Core Yogas." A 'yoga' is an unusual combination of planets in Vedic Astrology that somehow defies the normal rules of astrological interpretation. Many, many books on yogas exist and most of them are useful, but it seems like one book is enough. If you own more than one, the others seem repetitious. "Core Yogas" is in a class by itself. First of all, Mr. Wilhelm has done fresh translations from the Sanskrit of the yogas themselves. Second, he gives plenty of real life example charts for each yoga so that the astute student of Jyotish cannot fail to see exactly how each yoga works. Third, his use of the English language is clear, concise and rather delightful! Fourth, he gives some seldom-seen but very useful yogas that I, as an eighteen-year veteran of doing Jyotish charts, have never seen, but that are very practical in real life chart interpretations. Fifth, there is a very nice 'Index of Yogas' in the back of the book. And, sixth, there is an exceedingly useful 'Quick Search Yogas List' just preceding the index. SEVENTH, Mr. Wilhelm has turned over a new (beautiful) leaf of the theory and practice of Vedic Astrology in the West in the 21st century.

Buy this book. It is recommended for all students (other than rank beginners) and practitioners of the Divine Science. I consider it the most useful book on Yogas that I own (other than the classics).

You can reach Mr. Wilhelm at

"Core Yogas - Yokes to the Fruits of Karmas"
by Ernst Wilhelm ISBN 0-9709636-1-0 $24.95
This book is available from most online book retailers, or by emailing your request to It is also available at Mr. Wilhelm's website - visit and click "Books," then click the "Order Online" link, then click "Books".

Review (c) copyright 2004 Michael Laughrin.

From the May, 2004 issue of Michael Laughrin's North American Jyotish Newsletter. Click to subscribe to this free Jyotish newsletter.

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