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How to Live an Astrologically Balanced Life

By Michael Laughrin,

There is a saying that goes, "Astrology is ancient Psychology." As a psychic astrologer who 'communicates' directly with the planets, it seems to me that the overall message of all the planets combined is:

1. To live a life of fulfillment, and
2. To live a balanced life.

The Sun wants us to love ourselves, even the small, ego-centered self. But the Sun, being the royal planet, wants us to be able to say "I am the King of my own sphere." However, the deepest meaning of the Sun is the Soul - that part of us that continues from lifetime to lifetime. We should be in touch with our own Soul and, just as the Sun dominates the solar system, our individual life should be dominated by our Soul.

The Moon, on the other hand, represents the mind, the emotions, the whole feeling nature. It is imperative for us to be in touch with our own finest feeling level within ourselves. It is not the Absolute Self that is the ground rock of our essence, but is rather the first manifestation of our individual selves that can and will teach us virtually everything about 'Relative' life -- what is good for us, what is bad for us, what is challenging, what is subtle, etc. Listen, listen, listen to that Divine Voice within. I must give a note of caution here -- the finest feeling level is NOT the same thing as the cruder emotions such as anger, lust, greed, gluttony and arrogance. Many clients start to think that every emotion that appears on the radar screen of the mind must be indulged in and, often, even acted upon. Nothing could be further from the truth. Many thoughts and feelings (including the majority of negative ones) are just mental junk and one should simply allow them to go away.

Mars impels us to action. Lord Krishna in the Bhagavad-Gita says that one must act. Be brave, be strong, be a warrior (this does not necessarily mean one must physically fight). But one must have the courage of one's convictions. One ought to walk one's talk. Be active. Be useful. Do not just be a thinker. Be a doer. God is with us. Have faith, have trust, and do that which one ought to do. Very often, inaction is a worse sin than the wrong action.

Mercury, however, wants us to play, to have fun. If there is no zip in life, what's the use of living? Dance your dance, sing your song, do your fun thing. Follow that which gives one the greatest joy. Also, Mercury is a very clever planet that loves to talk, to schmooze, to make deals, to calculate, to improvise. The play's the thing, so play!

Jupiter is the grandest of planets and he stands for wisdom -- be it religion, philosophy, the Law, higher education, the Guru, or even raising children (it will teach one great practical wisdom). Fun and sex and money and play are all well and good, but without the Jupiterian qualities, we are more like animals than the divine beings we are supposed to be. Therefore, pray, meditate, study. Find out what some of the great thinkers, the great sages of humanity's history, have done; then do it yourself. Jupiter is considered to be the most benevolent of planets, and surrendering to his energy will give one the most profound benefits -- inner balance, the ability of one's soul and mind to fly, the skills necessary to have a refined, wealthy and happy life. Do not ignore Jupiter.

Venus is perhaps the planet that is the most loved and she stands for the greatest sensual enjoyments -- sex, art, refinement, beauty, music and worldly sumptuousness. She rules diamonds, fancy cars, fancy furniture and fancy clothes. She rules the richest and tastiest of foods. However, if one embraces too strongly the lower aspects of Venus, one may get one of the sicknesses named for her -- a venereal disease. To my way of thinking, at her deepest level, Venus stands for pure creativity, beauty and refinement far more than the usual vices that are assigned to her by low thinkers. Even flower arranging or cooking can be of the essence of Venus. Venus wants at least 3 hours of pure, joyful creativity per week.

We think that we are all too familiar with Saturn -- work, work, work! However, what Saturn really stands for is discipline (including discipleship) and steadiness. Saturn has told me that if a person is disciplined in 3 areas of life, Saturn will bless him. If one is disciplined in 4 or more things, huge blessings will be attracted to that auspicious person. In the area where one's heart is, there one's blessings will tend to manifest. For example, it may be work, bill paying and working out where one is steady. We all know the outer Saturn (and often resent him), but few of us really understand the inner Saturn. He is not such a bad guy. He is, however, the main planet of karma.

Rahu wants us to embrace that which is foreign to us (as does Ketu). Also Rahu stands for obsession. We are all obsessed with something. Rahu wants us to accept this fact and try to be obsessed with something useful like career success, or perfection in sports, or accumulating knowledge.

Ketu, last but definitely not least, wants our soul. Not that we have to lose our soul or give up our soul to him, but rather to find our own Soul and let it run our lives. Perhaps, in this Age of Iron, Ketu is the planet that we have least come to terms with. We need to meditate or pray or be involved with charity -- something that benefits our inner selves even if, apparently, it does not help our bank balance.

As a minimum, we need to give the qualities typified by each planet at least 3 hours per week:

Sun - to spend time communing with our inner self and celebrating our Divine Selves.
Moon - to engage in activities that will nourish the finest feeling level.
Mars - exercise.
Mercury - to have fun in a way that also sharpens the intellect.
Jupiter - to spend time honoring our family's or culture's traditions - be it by having children, or studying the teachings of the wise, or learning the Laws of our own particular culture. Or we may choose to read books that encapsulate the highest aspirations of mankind. Venus - at least 3 hours devoted to pure beauty and/or creativity.
Saturn - we must to have joyful discipline. I believe a Zen guru said, "If it's boring to do something once, do it twice. If it is still boring, do it 4 times. If still boring, do it 8 times."
Rahu - learn to manage our obsessive tendencies so that it becomes Divine Obsession.
Ketu - devote at least 3 hours per week to letting our Soul run our lives.

Happy psychological Astrology!

(c) copyright 2006 Michael Laughrin.

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