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Which Gem Should I Wear?

By Michael Laughrin,

Precious gems are as old as civilization. They have been prized for their beauty, value and mystical appeal for thousands of years. Why? Jyotish and the occult sciences in general suggest that it is because gems have a very strong effect on the subtle "electrical" currents of our bodies (physical, astral and causal). Based on my experience with Jyotish gems (wearing them myself and recommending them to my clients for over 15 years), I can attest to the veracity of that statement.

How Gems Are Recommended

The appropriate gem should enhance the good karma and suppress the bad karma of one's Jyotish chart. In Jyotish, there are four main schools of thought on recommending gems:

  1. Enhance the strong planets in the chart.
  2. Strengthen the weak planets in the chart.
  3. Improve the rulers of certain important houses in the native's chart (usually houses 1, 5, and 9. Sometimes the lords of houses 4, 7 and 10 are also strengthened.)
  4. Emphasize the ruler of the planetary period (dasha) the native is in.

I primarily go by rule Number 3 and, secondarily, by rule Number 1. As my Indian Jyotish guru, Narendra Desai said, "Always bet on a winning horse." I take this one step further - I generally bet only on the ruler of the chart (the lord of the 1st house, which is the Ascendant) and its friends (the rulers of the 5th house and the 9th house).

Michael's Subsidiary Gem Recommendation Rules

There are several other subsidiary rules that I almost always use when recommending a gem to a client:

Note: I am using the sidereal zodiac, NOT the tropical zodiac (Western Astrology).

A. One can readily wear the gem corresponding to a natural benefic - the Moon, Mercury, Venus and Jupiter. Generally, one should avoid the gems related to natural malefics. Specifically, I seldom suggest the gems referring to Rahu and Ketu: the Hessonite garnet and the chrysoberyl cat's eye, respectively. And, only occasionally do I suggest the Blue Sapphire (the stone for Saturn) and then usually for Taurus and Libra Rising signs. Saturn rules both an angle and a trine for both ascendants.

B. Generally, use a primary gem weighing no more than 4 carats (5 carats for a red coral). The primary gems for the planets Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus and Saturn are, respectively: ruby, pearl, red coral, emerald, yellow sapphire, diamond and blue sapphire. The ruby and the diamond, being the most powerful of gems, should not be over 2 carats each.

C. Only recommend the ruler of an angle house if it is a friend to the lord of the 1st house. For example, according to this rule one could use a pearl for Aries rising and a ruby for Scorpio rising. One may not use the gem relating the ruler of houses 4, 7, or 10 for the other ascendants.

D. When using a blue sapphire, it is better to avoid very dark blue, almost opaque sapphires. I prefer light to medium blue sapphires. That way, the effect of the gem is less harsh, and the price of the stone is often more reasonable, too.

E. If one does not know the time of birth, consult a "seer" who can "see" the chakras and the gem's effects on them before wearing any gem whatsoever. (I provide this service.)

F. It is better to use no gem at all rather than the wrong gem. Gems are not expensive candy. They are more like expensive poison (like prescription drugs). Just like an intelligent person would not use a drug for which he does not have a prescription, so the cautious gem buyer will only use a gem recommended by a competent Vedic astrologer or Ayurvedic doctor. Diamonds are utter anathema to approximately one half of the population (based on the rising sign). Do NOT use a diamond unless you are sure that it is good for you. Diamond is probably okay for Taurus, Gemini, Virgo, Libra, Capricorn and Aquarius ascendants. Note: A very intuitive, "enlightened" person can feel the effects of the gem on his or her body and can, more or less, trust their own intuition. However, people with this level of refinement are somewhat more rare than hen's teeth.

G. Like physicians, the first rule for those dealing in or recommending gems should be, "First do no harm."

H. I do NOT often recommend the blue sapphire for Capricorn or Aquarius rising signs even though it corresponds to Saturn, the ruler of the 1st house for both ascendants. Rather, I find that diamond and emerald (relating to the rulers of the 5th and 9th houses for both) work very well.

I admit that there are other, esoteric systems of recommending gems that one may employ. My cautious, conservative approach has been found to work based on my experience with several hundred clients over the years.

Gem Buying Tips

One should both "like" the gem one is considering using and it should give a good feeling within the first day of its use. ALWAYS try before you buy. On the other hand, if the stone you are examining seems to cause undesirable events, DO NOT BUY IT, no matter how good a deal it seems to be.

Do NOT buy a gem that has black marks in it. Do NOT buy gems that have BIG flaws (please note that emeralds are never flawless). In general, consider only gems that are not set yet. A clever jeweler may conceal many flaws by setting the gem in a special way (but this especially applies to emeralds).

Clarity (lack of flaws) is more important than color when thinking about acquiring a Jyotish gem.

Jay Boyle Company is a very fine gem company that specializes in Jyotish gems. (See more comments.) Their phone number is (800) 559-5090. Their web address is: .

If your hour of birth is unknown, you may consult me for my refined intuition services. I can see chakras at a distance. You hold one gem at a time in your hand, and I can "see" the effects of that gem on your chakras.

(c) copyright 2004 Michael Laughrin.

(Portions of this article were originally published in January 2002; this article was edited, expanded and republished in the June 2004 issue of Michael Laughrin's North American Jyotish Newsletter. Click to subscribe to this free Jyotish newsletter. )

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