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Some Thoughts on Marriage

By Michael Laughrin

This article is primarily geared to those who are on the path to Enlightenment.

If you want to get Enlightened in this lifetime, or even to experience a substantial increase in your level of consciousness, marriage can be a tremendous asset, although not in the way that many of you may imagine.

First, I must define some terms:

  1. you = small self = personality = ego
  2. YOU = Higher Self = Divine Self = Soul

To me, Enlightenment is very simple. It exists when the Higher Self rules your life, rather than the personality. Another way of defining Enlightenment is the conscious awareness that our own Higher Self is directly connected with, and is a part of the Self (or Soul) of the whole Universe. In other words, Atman does equal Brahman.

However, the ego, like all beings, wants to live and thrive. Therefore, what we have, within each of us, is a "life and death struggle", so to speak between the small self, who is very selfish, self-indulgent and immature and the Big Self (Higher Self), who is closer to an angel than an ape, is expansive, and is filled with Love, forgiveness and Joy.

Marriage can help our Soul to win the battle against the ego. How? If the husband sees his wife as the Divine Mother, and does everything for her, he will, in time, grow to Divine Consciousness. Likewise, if the wife sees her husband as Shiva (or another Divine Being), and does everything for him, her nervous system gradually becomes more and more refined and cultured and the grip of the ego on her behavior and emotions becomes less and less over time. But, let me emphasize, this should be a mutual love, devotion and Surrender, not just the wife surrendering to the husband (or vice versa).

Let me put this another way: in marriage (as in life), you will probably not get what "you" want. However, YOU can most certainly get what YOU want, if the Soul is ruling your life.

If you feel that your spouse is "in your face" a lot - GOOD! She/he is helping you to grow out of immature, "selfish" behavior and speech, and to become the angelic individual that you were born to become.

Sex is good; money is good; possessions are good. However, all of these "things" are transient and they will not help you to gain Enlightenment. Surrender will, meditation will, prayer will, forgiveness and kindness will.

Therefore choose - who do you want to have the final victory - you or YOU?

(c) copyright 2011 Michael Laughrin.

From the October/November, 2011 issue of Michael Laughrin's North American Jyotish Newsletter. Click to subscribe to this free Jyotish newsletter.

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