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Tasty Jyotish Tidbits

By Michael Laughrin,

For a long time, I have been saving these tasty morsels of Jyotish wisdom.

1. A quote from Narendra Desai: "If they have no planets in Kendras, get them to an ashram." (Kendra means "angular house" (1, 4, 7, and 10)--the angular houses stand for action). I know someone who had no genuine planets in any angles. He has not had regular job in 10 or 15 years. In terms of lifestyle, an ashram would be comfortable for him--withdrawing from the world.

2. In my experience, having Saturn (the planet of responsibility) in the first house is a double-edged sword. Employers likes such people, because they are more responsible, and take their duty very seriously. But friends are another story. When choosing friends for fun and partying, it is best to avoid people with Saturn in the first house. They are no good for hanging out, kidding around, playing tag, etc. They tend to be too obsessed and do not know how to let go. On the other hand, such people are great friends when you need help hauling or moving.

3. Saturn in the 5th house generally means a person is either unintelligent or mentally slow (unless perhaps Saturn is either exalted, in its own sign, or if a natural benefic such as Jupiter or Venus aspects Saturn). Saturn is slowest moving planet. The 5th house is mind. These types of thinkers tend to slow down a lecture with lots of questions.

4. The 4th house is exceedingly important. It rules mother, home, house, vehicles -- but more importantly, it rules happiness, and psychology. It rules the "mother is at home" feeling in oneself. People with an unafflicted 4th house will generally be happy campers, they will be good to their mothers, they will be easy-going, regardless of other factors. At least emotionally, life will flow. If there are many afflictions to the 4th house, they will seldom feel settled down. They will not be nice to their mothers. They will move from place to place, and usually leave their birthplace. I have seen the charts of some prisoners who had terribly afflicted 4th houses. One young lady was being urged to visit her mother, but the young woman had Ketu in the 4th house, Saturn aspecting the 4th house--that is two strong malefics affecting the 4th house. So of course she was not good to her mother, not good to herself, and not really happy.

5. Malefics do well in Upachaya houses. Those houses are 3, 6, 10, 11. The 3rd house is courage. The 6th house is enemies and perseverance. The 10th house is career and how one fights the battles of life. The 11th house is income and friends; major goals and desires. Most important of these Upachaya houses is the 10th house. The 10th house, in general, is the second most important house in any chart (the 1st house is the most important). The 10th house is how one acts in the drama of life, and it also rules career. We still live in the age of Kali Yuga, which means one needs a certain amount of roughness and toughness and crudeness to succeed in this dog-eat-dog world. Even women need some macho energy, and an "I'm going to succeed in spite of adversity" attitude. This type of inner grit will be seen primarily with malefics either in the 10th house, aspecting the 10th house, or having something to do with the 10th house or the ruler of the 10th house. Malefics in the 6th house (persistence) or 3rd house (courage) will help also. Any planet will do well in 11th, whether benefic or malefic. If you want inner grit, it's not benefics that will give it - it's malefics. People for whom all their malefics are hidden in the chart may be happy, but completely lacking drive and character.

6. One of my teachers told me that the Navamsha chart may be as important as the Rashi chart, especially in the second half of life. Traditionally, Navamsha rules the spouse and the inner self. In the second half of life, the inner qualities dominate, whereas the outer qualities dominate youth. For example, I know a young lady with debilitated Mercury in her main (Rashi) chart but Mercury is exalted in her Navamsha chart. She is now in her 30's and that natural brilliance of Mercury is coming out. So the Navamsha chart can trump the natal chart if they indicate different things. Better to have a weak Rashi and a strong Navamsha than vice-versa. Someone with many exalted planets in Rashi, but many debilitated planets in Navamsha will be pretty/handsome, popular, smooth, but like a paper mache doll, they will have no inner strength, no inner glory, no inner intelligence. Like a Chatty Cathy doll, they are trendy, fun, pretty, and hollow. When the going gets tough, they will crumple. On the other hand, someone with many debilitated planets in the main Rashi chart, but many exalted planets in Navamsha will have true grit, inner intelligence, character, discipline, and perseverance.

7. I know one almost sure indicator of someone who will not be able to graduate from college because they lack the inner discipline. The ruler of 9th house rules higher education. The worst combination is if the ruler of the 9th house is in the 8th house of death. The person will usually have a bad attitude toward school and authority. The 9th house is also the guru, the father, history, tradition, respect for authority figures in general. Not only is the 8th house a very bad house, but also 12th away from the 9th house itself (12th means loss). There are always exceptions, but it is a big mark against someone's ability to listen to older people, listen to wiser people and gain training. So they may have a wonderful chart to be a doctor or lawyer, but they won't have the discipline or the desire to finish the necessary degree.

8. The 8th house is not only the house of death, but it's also the house of chronic change, beginnings and endings, and it's the house of research. Almost every good scientist, engineer and Ph.D. I have studied must have a strong 8th house. Lots of planets in the 8th house are good for researchers. I know someone who had 4 planets in 8th house, and he co-authored 7 scientific papers just with a B.A. (and wrote more when he continued to obtain degrees). So any house can be good--it depends on "good for what."

9. The 5th house is the house of children, and the house of the mind as a whole. It's also the house of "Purva Punya" ("From Before"--past life credit). It's the house of creativity, mantra, yantra, tantra. I know a woman who has 4 planets in her 11th house aspecting the 5th house. She is a clever college graduate with a good mind. She has many children at home but is struggling with becoming a writer. I told her that her children are her "writing" right now--when they grow up, she can become a famous writer. It is the same kind of thing. The 5th house is the house of intelligence, but it is not necessarily the house of college. Some of the most brilliant people never graduated from college--Bill Gates and others were self-taught. The house of education in general is the 4th house, according to Hart de Fouw. The quickie indicator of whether someone will graduate from college is there has to be a very strong connection between the 1st house (self) and the 4th house (education).

(c) copyright 2005 Michael Laughrin.

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