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"Same Planet" Jyotish Chart Comparison Method

By Michael Laughrin, (written in April 2003)

Vedic astrologers may be interested in the "Same Planet" chart comparison method.

The Method

A. Look only at the sign that each planet is in (for example, the Sun in my chart and the Sun in your chart).
B. See what angle is formed.
C. Interpret according to the information below.

Meaning of Aspects

A. Opposition (180 degrees) - this is the best and most complete aspect. The two planets complement each other in every way.
B. Square (90 degrees) - initially exciting, this aspect tends to create more and more problems as time goes on.
C. Trine (120 degrees) - flowing, easy and harmonious.
D. Sextile (60 degress) - the weakest of the benevolent aspects. This is more appropriate for friends rather than for lovers.
E. Quincunx (150 degrees) - DOES NOT COMPUTE! The two planets have nothing to do with each other.
F. Conjunction (same sign) - good but perhaps boring.
G. Adjacent signs - difficult. It is harder when the other person's planet is in the 12th house from your planet. Then you feel a real sense of loss around them. For example, if my Moon is in Capricorn and your Moon is in Sagittarius, I will feel a loss of (emotional) energy from being around you for too long. However, using the same example, you will feel some benefit from being around me as my Moon is in the 2nd house from your Moon.

Meaning of Each Planet

A. Sun - the soul. Good compatibility on the Soul level is more of a hidden vibration. It is beyond speech or action.
B. Moon - the emotions. According to the Hindus, the Moon is the most important planet. The ups and downs of daily life are mostly ruled by the Moon, so that two Moons that are compatible will give great attunement.
C. Mars - energy, assertiveness, aggression. Mars is the primary planet of action so those who have harmonious Mars will succeed by sharing energetic activities - sports, hiking, gardening, cooking, etc.
D. Mercury - the planet of intelligence and speech. Compatible Mercuries give good mental (intellectual) compatibility. Good for discussions, study and maybe business as Mercury is the primary planet of business.
E. Jupiter - wisdom. This may include religion, philosophy, the Law, higher education, banking and money. In Vedic astrology, Jupiter is the main planet of money and it also rules children. Therefore, harmonious Jupiters imply religious similarities.
F. Venus - sexual attraction and the Creative Impulse.
G. Saturn - hard work, maturity, and responsibility. Those with harmonious Saturns will have similar outlooks on life in the arenas of work, earnings, saving and investing. They may do well in business together.

(c) copyright 2004 Michael Laughrin.

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