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Safe Gems for Each Ascendant

By Michael Laughrin,

This is the ascendant for your Jyotish or Vedic astrology chart, not your Western (tropical) astrology chart. Here are the gems that I consider to be safe, for each ascendant:

Aries ascendant - red coral, pearl and yellow sapphire. The ruby may be used if the red coral is not used. Do not use two red gems at the same time - they create too much pitta (hot) energy.

Taurus ascendant - diamond, emerald and maybe blue sapphire.

Gemini ascendant - emerald and diamond.

Cancer ascendant - pearl, red coral and yellow sapphire.

Leo ascendant - ruby and yellow sapphire; or red coral and yellow sapphire.

Virgo ascendant - emerald and diamond.

Libra ascendant - diamond, emerald, and maybe blue sapphire.

Scorpio ascendant - red coral, pearl and yellow sapphire. Sometimes a ruby may also be used.

Sagittarius ascendant - yellow sapphire and ruby; or yellow sapphire and red coral.

Capricorn ascendant - diamond and emerald.

Aquarius ascendant - diamond and emerald.

Pisces ascendant - yellow sapphire, pearl and red coral.

If your hour of birth is unknown, you may consult me for my refined intuition services. I can see chakras at a distance. You hold one gem at a time in your hand, and I can "see" the effects of that gem on your chakras.

(c) copyright 2004 Michael Laughrin.

From the June, 2004 issue of Michael Laughrin's North American Jyotish Newsletter. Click to subscribe to this free Jyotish newsletter.

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