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Book Review of "It's Here Now - (Are You?)" by Bhagavan Das

Review by Michael Laughrin,

It's Here Now - (Are You?) by Bhagavan Das is an American spiritual classic. It has everything you could want in a book: sex, religion (many different varieties), adventure, famous people, travel, name dropping, drugs, Jesus, money, family and much, much more. It is a coming-of-age true life story that tells of the growing up of a not-so-typical "baby boomer."

Generally, I never read a book more than once ("so many books, so little time"), but I have read this book three times in five months.

No matter who you are, whatever you do, if you are a regular reader of my online articles, I can virtually guarantee that you will love this book. Or not. BUT I do think that you must read it, (to at least me), this book is one of the most important of our age. Ultimately, this memoir is a love story of a transcendent love that the author experiences between his soul and God (as the Divine Mother, as Jesus, as Buddha - the rest you'll just have to discover by reading it).

Bhagavan Das says, and I pretty much agree with it, that all of us must create our own religion. We all worship in the inner Temple of Silence. The author is definitely one who exemplifies his spiritual life by walking his talk.

Buy it.

Read it.

Learn from it.

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