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Book Review: "The Fated Sky" by Benson Bobrick

Review by Michael Laughrin,

Fated SkyThe Fated Sky: Astrology in History by Benson Bobrick is one of the most wonderful books that I have read in the last 20 years (the amount of time that I have been a professional astrologer). Even though it is largely the history of astrology (Western astrology, at that) in the West-- primarily Europe and North America--it is filled with astrological goodies and analyses that any student of the Divine Science will find useful, amusing and often extremely insightful.

The book reads like a novel and, yet, is all true. Western astrology prior to around 1750 was accepted by virtually all learned people and held an honored place in almost every major European university. Did you know that Galileo, Copernicus, Tycho Brahe, Johannes Kepler and Geoffrey Chaucer were all famous astrologers?

Plus, this book is wonderfully instructive as to what combinations indicate fame, type and timing of death, money, marriage, children and other important considerations. Of course, a lot of type print is devoted to that lighthouse of Western astrology, John Lilly. John Dee and Marsilio Ficino are also dealt with in some detail. Astrology is also ably illustrated during the periods of the Romans, Greeks, and in the Middle Ages in the Arab lands.

Buy this book! Own it! Read it, but, for Heaven's sake, relate to it in some meaningful way NOW! Maybe you can tell that I am a man of frequent and sudden enthusiasms, but I really, really, really loved this book. It will be less useful to those who do not have a working knowledge of some brand of the Science of Light.

Review (c) copyright 2006 Michael Laughrin.

From the February/March, 2006 issue of Michael Laughrin's North American Jyotish Newsletter. Click to subscribe.

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