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Recommended Software to Keep Your Computer Clean

By Michael Laughrin,

I used to be at the Idiot level of computer use. From taking one weekend course on Windows and many years of surfing the net and lots of e-mailing, now I would rate myself Dummy Plus. My webmaster said I am a notch above Dummy Plus and at the bottom of "Semi-Competent Computer User."

I have discovered a few free software programs for Windows that I think are utterly essential for anyone who is online a fair degree (or has a DSL or cable modem connection, which are connected all the time).

They are:

1. Ccleaner (It used to be called cleaner because that is what it does.) This little free program will quickly (usually in 1 minute or less) get rid of the junk and detritus you unknowingly pick up while doing your web searches. However, do not check the box for cookies. You need some cookies to do online banking, for example. It's like a vacuum cleaner that is so strong, it sucks up your figurines and small pets. So uncheck some of the boxes in ccleaner.

2. Ad-Aware 2007. These days, adware is probably more of a danger to most computer users than viruses, because most people have a decent anti-virus program. Ad Aware 2007 will do deep cleaning of your machine and will uncover huge amounts of adware and tracking programs. I couldn't live without it.

3. AVG Anti-virus. I use the whole AVG Security suite. I paid $54.99 for the year and I just love it. It is better, in my opinion, than any other security program that I have tried. However, AVG Anti-virus is completely free and it is really great. Automatic updates, constant vigilance - it is always on top of its game. If you do not have another antivirus program, and/or you do not want to spend any money on one, do, do, DO download AVG Antivirus. You will not regret it. Visit

(c) copyright 2008 Michael Laughrin.

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