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Recommended Online Law School: American Institute of Law

By Michael Laughrin,

Note from Michael: My long-time friend, Jeremy Miller, is the dean of an online law school. The cost is about 1/10th of the cost of attending a traditional brick-and-mortar law school. Here's what he sent to me:

American Institute of LawPondering studying law? What was once a full-time and in-residence undertaking has become possible via Internet distance study. The American Institute of Law (soon to be renamed the American International School of Law) offers a full law curriculum, taught by experts in law. Located in and approved to operate in California, we are a global law school. Law study typically costs $30,000 a year. We cost $3,000 a year. Please check your jurisdiction's requirements before further contemplating enrolling.

Law opens doors to business success, and of course to law practice. It has been said that the past cannot be changed, but with every decision we make, we redefine our whole life. Studying law is studying life, honing the mind to think logically, and learning the fundamental building blocks of this and many a country's fundamental structure. Please check us out at the American Institute of Law at

I am a lifelong law professor and dean. I have founded two prior law schools, and have taught thousands of law students, many of whom are judges, practitioners, and successful business people. We have recruited several judges to be our professors, and our technology is state of the art. Please check us out. You may find that life has offered you a valuable and exciting opportunity!

Jeremy M. Miller
Dean and Distinguished Professor of Law
The American Institute of Law

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