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Judith LaMar -- The Joyful Artist

By Michael Laughrin,

My wife and I think Judith LaMar is the best artist in the world. We love her paintings! Judith is also my art teacher.

Although she is primarily an abstract artist, she is an excellent representational artist too. She may be the single happiest person I've ever met. "Be Here Now" is Judith. She is always right in the moment and the moment is filled with joy. My understanding of Dharma, your proper path, should make you happy. If that's true, Judy LaMar is perhaps the best example of someone who is completely overwhelmed by bliss in her Dharma, more so than anyone I've ever met.

About Judith LaMar
  • Studied art in high school on a scholarship to Philadelphia Academy of Fine Arts.
  • Graduated with an BFA in Art from Syracuse University.
  • Attended School of Visual Arts, NYC,studied with Francis Criss and took classes at the Art Student's League.
  • In Berkeley, Ca. studied with Leonard Breger.
  • Became a teacher of the Transcendental Meditation Technique, Switzerland, 1977; Teacher Certification Training, July 2012, Fairfield, Iowa
  • Professional : Cecile Moonchnek Gallery in Berkeley; many solo shows in California, New Jersey, Iowa; private collections
These acrylic paintings were done between 2007-2011 after her second trip to India. The first, in 1980, had a profound affect on her productivity. She always had a yearly studio exhibit in Berkeley, which was usually about 35 pieces. Her output doubled after being inspired by the color, patterns and energy of India. This time it was the orange! marigolds, everywhere, strung together in long ropes and used in baskets for offerings at  temples that have showed up in this series.

Judith B. LaMar
Washington, DC.

Delhi: Marigolds 

Village I

Garden Path
My Life Among the Stars #3

Homage: Marigolds II

(c) copyright 2012 Michael Laughrin.

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