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The Moon

By Michael Laughrin (

Moon is everything internal--one's moods, one's feelings, one's thoughts, one's psychic impressions. The tides exist not only in the oceans, but in us as well, men as well as women. I can only "see" you, indeed, "see" the world through the colored glasses of my internal geography which includes my emotional makeup, my culture, my so-called neuroses, my training, my beliefs, my longings, my particular angle on Infinity (which is, ultimately, our true nature).

The outer world more or less resembles our inner world because we see what we are inside. When a thief sees a saint, he only sees his pockets. This is all because of the Moon in our chart. Our body is a universe and the internal Moon rules the tides, the rhythms of the ebb and flow of the lymph, the blood, the cerebrospinal fluid. We are 85% water and the Moon indicates how that water will affect us. Will we drown (in too many psychic impressions)? Are sharks and other killers on the hunt in our inner ocean? Or is it a glorious day at the beach, with sunny skies, balmy temperatures and gentle tides? The inner Moon (and it is always Inner) rules all of this.

Indeed, until we can "escape" the universe of the body through transcendence (even death won't do it because the psychic impressions go on and on until the samskaras have been roasted in the fires of spiritual purification from thousands of hours of sadhana), we cannot escape the "gravity" of the Moon. Someone once said that all of Jyotish can be seen by deeply analyzing the Moon. All karma comes through the Moon (the Mind, the emotions, the psychic impressions). If you purify the mind through mantra (and perhaps tantra and yantra) or thorugh seva (divine service) or through charity, then the small self starts to become the Big Self and true Ascension begins to unfold.

It is all a question of personality (the small self) versus the Soul (the Big [or Higher] Self). Tell me which one rules in a man and I will tell you a great deal about him. Is he primarily an egotistical animal? Personality rules. Or is he more like a divine angel? That is because the Higher Self rules. The action is all within us. The planets merely indicate that which is occurring within.

And the Moon--Queen of the Night, queen of the mind, the soul, the individual essence that is us--rules us most of all (at least, until Enlightenment dawns). The Moon rules liquid--our bodily fluids. The Moon (and Venus) rules perfumes--the almost ineffable essence that indicates our truest Natures. The Moon is the Mother (the seat of the Divine Mother within is the Crown chakra on the top of the head) and the brain rules the whole body. The Moon is the main emotional planet (like the tides, they go up and down in an endless cycle). The Moon is the love of the Mona Lisa while Venus (the other emotional, feminine planet) is more like the sensual love of Marilyn Monroe. The Moon is the most changeable of planets (our hormonal state is changing all the time as it responds to new sensory, psychic, and biochemical stimuli). The Moon, even though it gets all of its Light from the Sun (the Soul), is "wiped out" by being too close to the Sun. Just so, our personality (entirely a thing of the Relative) that ultimately derives from the Soul, prefers to be separate from the soul so that it can do its own thing (even if that thing is neurotic and full of imperfections [Vive la Difference!]). The essence of Music is Silence, yet Music prefers to break the Silence.

The Moon is a symbolic parallel of human life on Earth. We wax, we wane. Occasionally, we are entirely eclipsed. Sometimes we are blood red. At other times, we are pale and weak. At harvest time we are fat, full and yellow. We are pockmarked, perfect yet imperfect, like the Moon's surface. We have our season and then we fade away. But, at some level, we are eternal. We die only to be born again in a seemingly endless cycle.

O Great Mother, look down on Me with love. Bless me. Be with me. Guide me in my every mood, my every human condition. Jai Chandra Ma.Jai Kali.

Om shri Chandraya namaha. Om shri Somaya namaha.

(c) copyright 2005 Michael Laughrin.

From the April, 2005 issue of Michael Laughrin's North American Jyotish Newsletter. Click to subscribe to this free Jyotish newsletter.

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