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How to Get the Most From Your Jyotish Reading

By Michael Laughrin,

As a practicing jyotishi* for the last eighteen years or so, and having been the recipient of many readings myself (both wonderful, good, bad and ugly), I have gathered together some little 'tricks' that will help you have a better jyotish (astrology) [intuitive] reading.

First of all, questions. Have a list of ten big questions (or thirty+ little questions) ready ahead of time. Do your homework.

Create in your mind the way you want the reading to go. By 'little' questions, I mean small, point value things, like "Exactly how much should I save each month? And which money market fund should I invest in?" or something else very specific.

By 'big' questions, I mean things like "What is my life's purpose?" or "When are the best times to go on pilgrimage?" In other words, huge questions that may include in their scope many specific areas of life.

Another common mistake that many clients make is that they are either too hard or too soft in their approach to the reading. A person who is too hard is very verbally aggressive and is constantly interrupting the astrologer and not even letting him finish his thought. A person who is too soft is very passive, very 'feminine' and does not take an active role in his/her reading. It's your reading. Own it! Get involved (but not too much).

There are three levels to a reading:
1. What the reader says.
2. How you feel about the issues raised by the reader.
3. What has been happening in your life.

If all three of these are harmonious, then you know that you have had a very good reading. Let me give you an example: If the reader says, "Starting three months ago, and lasting for another fifteen months, you entered a period of renunciation, withdrawal, non-worldliness and spaced out spirituality." And you have been meditating more than last year, you are on a paid leave of absence from your job, and all these clothes and books you used to buy now seem like useless junk, then you know that the reading (and the reader) is right on the money.

If, on the other hand, he says that you are in a monkish period and you just got a big raise, have bought a new condo, and want power, money and status…there is either something wrong with the astrologer or your time of birth is very inaccurate.

In most cases, the reader will answer most of your questions without your having to say anything. Give him a chance and then ask about those areas that are unclear.

Finally, this is all the Relative. Jyotish exists in the field of Duality. Perfect readings cannot be had on this earth. Rather, you should view your reading (by a competent reader) as a voice from on high hinting to you some areas that may need your attention. A quasi-Divine voice that is suggesting one probable future path that your life may take. In my experience, only about 5% of one's karma is 'fixed'; the rest of your karma is somewhat mutable or malleable. Most of what is seen in the Jyotish chart is malleable karma that can be changed, ameliorated, or improved on by you through prayer, meditation, charity, fasting, service (to those worthy of receiving service), gems and yagyas. Service to one's parents is the highest remedy, according to Vedic Astrology tradition. And service to one's Guru is the second best thing that can be done to improve one's fate or karma. Of course, if one attains full Enlightenment (in this lifetime), then one has escaped from the Wheel of Life and Death and one has largely emerged from the field of karma and karmic retribution, which is what Jyotish is all about. Since I am not quite there yet, I cannot properly discuss it. However, some wise Knowers of Reality think that, even after Enlightenment, one's body may still be the recipient of leftover Karma, even though the Personality has been burnt up in the fires of Sadhana (spiritual practice) and the soul is free, clear and happy forever more. But these frothy and delightful matters are above and beyond where most Jyotish clients are at psychologically and experientially.

I wish you all Love, Joy, Peace, Enlightenment, perfect health and prosperity.

*As of fall 2006, Michael Laughrin is not doing any formal Jyotish readings. Interested people can get a referral to another competent Vedic Astrologer.

(c) copyright 2004 Michael Laughrin.

From the May, 2004 issue of Michael Laughrin's North American Jyotish Newsletter. Click to subscribe to this free Jyotish newsletter.

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