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Jupiter Combined with One Other Planet


By Michael Laughrin,

Jupiter is the Divine planet, the Greater Benefic. He rules expansion, children, wisdom, higher education, older brother, guru, money and banking, the Law, religion, and philosophy. To the Romans and Greeks, he was the king of the gods.

In this article we will examine Jupiter being conjunct with one other planet: each of the planets in turn.

Jupiter conjunct Sun - When the two planets of government are united, this is a wonderful yoga for power and kingship. However, this can lead to a surplus of arrogance.

Jupiter-Moon conjunction - This is one type of Gaja Kesari Yoga (elephant-lion combination). The Gaja Kesari Yoga is formed when Jupiter and the moon are in mutual angles from each other. Some astrologers say that Jupiter and the moon must be in angular houses themselves for this yoga to be formed; others do not. Jupiter lends his benevolent qualities to the planet of the mind and feelings, the Moon. The native will be honest, honorable, truthful, and probably learned. Integrity is his middle name.

Jupiter-Mars conjunction - When the planet of action is united with the planet of wisdom, look out! This is tremendous for accomplishing things, for combining vision with a practical, energetic side to one's nature.

Jupiter-Mercury conjunction - Extreme intelligence and creativity are seen here because the planet of wisdom and planet of cleverness combine the two halves of smartness to create an individual who is brilliant, quick, and deep. The native can both focus on details and have wide-angle vision. This is wonderful for a writer, businessperson, researcher or anyone seriously involved in the Life of the Mind.

Jupiter-Venus combination - They tend to be either fat or overly self-indulgent in their own feelings. However, many good artists, craftsmen, and cooks are found with this combination. On the bright side, Jupiter and Venus are the only true natural benefics and they may give the native great optimism. Also, as both are significators for wealth, they can help the money situation especially when placed in an angle, trine, or houses 2 or 11. In addition, they tend to bless whatever house they are in as they bring their naturally positive energy to that house.

Jupiter-Saturn together - This is great for businesspeople, lawyers, and philosophers. Jupiter is expansive; Saturn works well with limited resources. Together they get the job done within limits of time, manpower, energy and money.

Jupiter-Rahu conjunction - Guru Chandala Yoga. Jupiter is the most traditional of planets and Rahu goes against tradition. They do not work well together. The native will disobey his guru, or religious tradition or family tradition. There is something of the rebel in him far past the teens and twenties (a time when a certain amount of rebellion is expected). He will tend to be greedy, selfish and self- centered. However, in an otherwise good chart, this combination can give a truly original thinker who is not overly shackled by hide-bound tradition.

Jupiter-Ketu conjunction - Jupiter rules expansion of consciousness; Ketu rules perfect enlightenment. Together (especially in houses 1, 4, 5, 9 or 12) they tend to impel to the native towards the grand goal of human life - Moksha (liberation). However, Ketu may give the native antisocial qualities. In low-minded people, this combination can lead to drug abuse, alcoholism, or messing with dangerous spirits.

I hope that this little epistle somewhat clarifies some of the likely meanings of Jupiter when combined with another planet. To a lesser degree, the above interpretations apply when Jupiter and the other planet aspect each other or (to an even lesser degree) when Jupiter is in the sign of the other planet and/or the other planet is in the sign of Jupiter. Also, when the above conjunctions occur by transit, the above effects may be felt while the particular transit lasts.

Michael Laughrin
December 2005

(c) copyright 2005 Michael Laughrin.

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